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it takes twists and turns but together we get confident
circular economy
together we create a different picture
circular economy

What is Trusted Money Confidence......

10 people - 6 weeks - £31, 376 financial benefit across the group!

How did this happen, read on to find out!

Trusted Money Confidence is a 6 week peer to peer money confidence programme, designed to bring people together in a supportive environment to engage in open conversations about their unique approaches to managing their money and situations relating to their money.  In the face of the cost of living crisis, Trusted Money Confidence offers a safe space for participants to build a strong community, share knowledge, and extend help and guidance, making the challenges more manageable.


Our Approach:


Peer-to-Peer Support: At Trusted Money Confidence, we believe in the power of collective knowledge. Participants come together, exchange experiences, and learn from one another, fostering a sense of camaraderie and trust.


Engaging Guest Professionals: Each week, Trusted Money Confidence welcomes esteemed guest professionals from relevant fields. These experts become integral members of the community, enriching discussions with their knowledge and ensuring the information shared is up-to-date and accurate. Moreover, they offer valuable insights into beneficial options that can be explored.


Weekly Topics: Over the course of 6 weeks, we delve into 12 different topics, addressing them through insightful and open conversations.


Optional Home Tasks: To reinforce learning, we provide optional home tasks, these tasks provide a chance to enhance on the newfound knowledge acquired during the session.

lots of individuals together make sense of finance
circular economy

Our Team

The foundation of "Trusted" is built upon the dedication of a mother-daughter team who understand the transformative power of community. Believing in the strength of collective action, they're committed to using the resources Trusted provides to help make positive change within communities. For them, Trusted is more than just an organization it is a way of life.

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