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the many become one community circle
circular economy

Come and be a part of the Trusted Money Confidence community!


Discover the success of Trusted Money Confidence's pilot...


In March 2023, Trusted Money Confidence embarked on an exciting pilot programme that brought together a diverse group of 10 community members from various backgrounds, including an ex-bank manager, a hotel manager, a homemaker, an actress, and many more.


Each participant brought their unique perspectives and financial experiences to the programme, resulting in a wealth of knowledge and insights being shared and learnt.


In just 6 weeks, the impact of Trusted Money Confidence's pilot programme was astounding! The 10 community members collectively achieved an extraordinary combined financial benefit of £31,376 by the end of the year!


Throughout the pilot, we diligently recorded our findings and gathered valuable data. The resounding feedback confirmed that Trusted Money Confidence had truly become an enjoyable and highly beneficial experience for all involved


Trusted Money Confidence's future...


Trusted Money Confidence is starting it’s next programme and is looking forward to hearing from new people. Whether you're an individual seeking financial empowerment and community or a guest professional eager to contribute your expertise, we welcome you to be a part of our transformative community.


Additionally, Trusted Money Confidence is open to exploring funding opportunities that align with our mission to empower and support individuals on their financial journeys.


Contact us today to secure your place, join our team of guest professionals, or explore potential funding collaborations. Together, we can make Colchester a money confident community one conversation at a time.

Reach out to us at or call Jessica 07425 166069 or Karen 07532 253540 and let's embark on this exciting journey of growth and empowerment together!

circular economy
the many become one community circle
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